BDD in Action

You can't write good software if you don't understand what it's supposed to do. Behavior Driven Development encourage teams to use conversation and concrete examples to build up a shared understanding of how an application should work, and of which features really matter.

What's inside

  • BDD theory and practice
  • How BDD will affect your team
  • BDD for acceptance, integration and unit testing
  • Examples in Java .Net, JavaScript, and more
  • Reporting and living documentation

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Main areas of interest

John Ferguson Smart is a well-regarded consultant, coach and trainer in technical agile practices, and a specialist in BDD, automated testing ,and software life cycle development optimization. A renowned speaker at many international conferences and events, John helps organizations around the world to improve their agile development and testing practices.

Praise for 'BDD in Action'

With this book, the author will provide you with a good explanation of what Behaviour-Driven Development is and how to apply it to your own projects. The author addresses all the aspects you need to perform BDD: philosophy, design principles, do's and dont's, implementation examples and tools.You will benefit from reading this book either if you are a software engineering professional, teacher or student, or project manager.

Teacher, University of A Coruña, Spain

Good, deep and wide reference, with many good points. You will find ways to approach, improve, and start immediately using BDD techniques proficiently. This book will improve the way you do TDD, too, changing your point of view about “testing” topic.

C# Developer working for an Italian software firm

If you want to have some real-life examples of BDD, this book is for you. The author explains very well the important aspects of BDD. Many interesting tools and techniques are also shown here. In brief, BDD in Action is a very useful book for any agile developer.

Agile Coach

This book could become a milestone for BDD.

Agile Coach in Hamburg