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  • BDD London Meetup
    BDD London Meetup
    March 22 2016
    BDD London Meetup

    Behaviour Driven Development is a powerful collaboration technique that can empower teams to deliver higher value features to the business faster and more effectively. But although Behaviour Driven Development is based on a number of simple principles, it can go dramatically wrong in a myriad of different ways.

  • CukeUp 2016 – London
    CukeUp 2016 – London
    14 - 15 APRIL 2016
  • DevWeek 2016 – London
    DevWeek 2016 – London
    18 - 22 April 2016
  • GeeCON 2016 – Kraków
    GeeCON 2016 – Kraków
    11 - 13 May 2016
  • XP 2106 – Edinburg
    XP 2106 – Edinburg
    24 - 27 May 2016
  • Agile Prague
    Agile Prague
    September 11-12
  • Agile & BDD eXchange 2017
    Agile & BDD eXchange 2017
    9-10 November 2017
  • Craft Conference
    Craft Conference
    APRIL 25-28, 2017
  • Devoxx Poland
    Devoxx Poland
    21-23 June
  • Keynote speaker at TestIstanbul 2018
    Keynote speaker at TestIstanbul 2018
    Next Generation Test Automation: patterns and practices for the future
    The testing practices commonly used today are unsustainable. Fragile, hard-to-maintain tests that don’t give stakeholders all the information they need, when they need it, cannot lead us into the world of Lean and DevOps. Radical thinking is needed.
    In this talk, you will learn about how high performing teams do test automation. You will discover how testing automation is now an activity that starts before, not after development. You will see how the ScreenPlay pattern, an innovative approach, makes test code more flexible, more maintainable, and understandable even by the business. And you will learn how test reporting must go beyond the realm of QA, and give the team and the business as a whole the feedback they need to make quick decisions.
    Learn how test automation is moving from scripting to engineering and beyond.
  • Aginext.io London
    Aginext.io London


    This talk will present the core concepts of Exponential Business Agility, or XBA. XBA is a set of patterns for organising value streams around self-organising, autonomous teams, and is part of the XSCALE approach to scaling agile. XBA combines the Spotify model with practice patterns drawn from the Iroquois Confederacy, the most successful and longest-lived holarchy in history.

    Learn how Throughput Accounting optimises the contribution of each business function to top line throughput rather than blindly attempting to minimise operating expense.

    And discover how Self-Propagating Transformation avoids pushing change into pre-existing teams, programs or silos, but generates agile capability by grafting the kernel of a new culture onto the trunk of the old.

    Be a pod of dolphins, not a dancing elephant. Don’t try to scale agile. De-scale your organisation instead.

  • CukenFest London
    CukenFest London
    April 2-3 2019
    Gherkin Refactoring workshop

    Good Gherkin is easy to read but hard to write. And while there are many tips and tricks for writing good Gherkin, often teams still struggle to keep their scenarios clean, informative and readable.

    In this talk, we will take a practical look at some real-world Gherkin scenarios, and see why they stink. More importantly, we present a set of simple refactoring patterns which can help you improve your own scenarios.

    John Ferguson Smart (@wakaleo) and Tom Roden (@TommRoden)

  • ExpoQA
    June 19 2019
    Condottieri e Artisti

    It was the time of Da Vinci and Michelangelo. It was also the time of Machiavelli and the Medici. Artists working on timeless masterpieces crossed paths with mercenary captains, contracted to do a very specific job.

    In this keynote talk, John Smart will address important questions with deep implications for any IT team, or any organisation trying to make a difference, or simply to get the most value out of their IT projects.

    Who is your real customer? Is there a cost to quality? Are you building an artwork that will last, or simply fulfilling a contract?

    An inspiring and entertaining talk that will take attendees on journey from the Italian Renaissance to Silicon Valley and the City of London, and see what lessons can be learned about cultures, attitudes and work ethics today.

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